Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Details of My Happy Place

A Little More Detail On My Happy Place
(Pictures are my own unless otherwise stated and kiSwahili translations are given for some of the nouns)

The main attraction people go to Moshi for is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The staple crops of Tanzania are coffee (kahawa) and maize (mahindi).

(both of these were taken from bing images)

Honestly, the major animals we saw in Moshi consisted of mange-filled dogs (mbwa) and cats (paka), goats (mbuzi), and cows (ng'ombe)

The animals we saw were pretty much all the farm animals you would see in the states. This particular woman did have doves and pigeons as part of her farm animals that she would sell as well as eat.

The major insect you see in Moshi would be mosquitoes. You have to protect yourself from bites which can give you malaria so we stayed taking our Doxycycline the whole time and had our insect nets out every night. Bug in kiSwahili is mdudu. So we protected ourselves from all the wadudu that were around!

(taken from bing images)

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