Saturday, September 24, 2011

Updated October 25th-Journey of My Plant

Here is my plant....he is known as my plant. I got him on September 8th and he is a sunflower. I water him everyday and put him on the windowsill to get light.
His journey is best described through pictures.

September 11th-Day 4

September 13th-Day 6

September 16th-Day 9

September 19th-Day 12

September 23-Day 16

He is getting really big as you can see. I think he needs a new bigger pot as well as he probably needs some help growing up. There are little baby green plants coming up in there as well. I am not sure what they are but they are pretty tiny.


October 1-Day 24


October 5-Day 28

October 10-Day 33

October 15-Day 38

October 25-Day 48

My little plant is doing really well. He needs a bigger pot to stretch out his roots. That will be my next step to guiding him in the right direction.

Last Update:
November 29- Over 2 months old!

December 8

He still needs a bigger pot and some more sticks to hold him up since he is drooping.

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