Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jackson Springs

4 Distinct Regions of Geology in Georgia

The first is the Ridge and Valley geologic region which is in the northwest corner of the state. Limestone, sandstone, shale and other sedimentary rocks are found there. These rocks have yielded limestone used for construction, barite, ochre, and some coal.


The second is the Blue Ridge geologic region which is what makes up the North Georgia mountains. Metamorphic rocks are found here. They are sedimentary or igneous rocks that have been metamorphosed and also include metavolcanic rocks. Granite and diabase. Gold was mined in the 1800's and marble as well as talc are produced from the region.



The third is the Piedmont geologic region which has igneous and metamorphic rocks from older sediments being exposed to high temperatures and pressures. The rocks typically found her are schist, amphibolite, gneiss, migmatite, and granite. More hilly regions  found her than mountainous but Stone Mountain is found in this region.

The fourth is the Coastal Plain geologic region which has sedimentary rocks in this region. Some marine and terrestrial fossils and rare fragments of dinosaurs. Kaolin is the main mineral resource in this region.


Jackson Springs is located in Macon, GA which is on the Fall Line that discriminates between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain geologic regions. 

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