Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dog Parks: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dog parks can be a real assest or a detriment to a community. Communities may want to look over the advantages and disadvantages in deciding to develop a dog park.

  • Dog Social Interaction- Dogs can interact socially with other dogs in an environment where they may not normally spend time with other dogs. Also, dogs can interact with people that they may not normally interact with giving them better socialiablity with other dogs and as well as people.
  • People Social Interaction- People can meet and interact with other people. A common interest of dogs can bring people together and create friendships.
  • Dog Mental and Physcial Activity- Off-leash exercise allows the dogs to get enough physical activity in especially for hyperactive dogs. Physical exercise can lessen prevalence of destructive behaviors in dogs and stimulating mental activity.
  • People Education- Owners can observe other dog interactions as well as learn from more experienced owners in order to adopt and/or stop particular aspects of owning and training a dog.
  • Positive Environment- A positive environment is created through a common interest of those in the park. Other interests are not allowed in the park thus, things like skateboards and bikes are not a distraction for the dogs or owners.
  • People may be exposed to agressive dogs, hazards created by dogs, lawsuits from dog fights, and potential parasites.
  • Dogs may be exposed to agressive dogs, parasites and diseases, injury, and dangerous small-large dog interactions.
  • Abuse of park from individuals in the community that do not understand the concept of a dog park such as not cleaning up after their dog, leaving dog unattended, allowing their dog to engage in inappropriate behavior.
  • Potential noise issues as well as potential liability issues.
Weighing these advantages and disadvantages are necessary to the decision process for a community possibly putting in a dog park.

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