Friday, October 7, 2011

Negative Feedback Loop-Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar Level Change

The body maintains a blood sugar concentration (blood glucose level) between 64.8 and 104.4 mg/dL. The amount of glucose (sugar) found within the blood is the blood sugar concentration. The body regulates the blood glucose level in order to sustain a metabolic homeostasis. Glucose provides most of the body's energy for the cells in a body. Glucose moves from the intestines or liver to the body cells through the bloodstream and is able to be absorbed into the cells through the hormone insulin, which is produced through the pancreas. Blood glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day, usually be lowest in the morning before the first meal and rise after meals for an hour or two. Levels outside the normal range of blood glucose levels are indicators of medical conditions such as hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

After eating a meal, the level can rise to 140 mg/dL for non-diabetics. Insulin cause cells in the body to take up the glucose from the blood. It is necessary to have insulin to remove the excess glucose since it can be fatal to have too much glucose. So blood sugar levels go up once you have eaten since there is a high amount of glucose or sugar coming into the body. Insulin begins to kick in to take up the glucose in order to lower the blood sugar levels and bring the body back to a homeostatic state.

Blood sugar levels being controlled by insulin can then be considered a negative feedback loop since the increased effect of insulin prohibits an increase in the blood sugar levels. The goal is to get back to homeostasis or below. To make the system become normal again.

Time                       Blood Sugar Level
  0                                      104
  5                                      145
  10                                    180
  15                                    185
  20                                    132
  25                                    120
  30                                    108
  35                                    105
  40                                    104
  45                                    105


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